Sudzy Pets Consent Form

  1. Animal Safety
    • If a pet requires special treatment or handling, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to notify Sudzy Pets prior to any grooming services being performed.
    • If a pet’s coat is matted, Sudzy Pets will attempt to brush out the matts. If brushing out the matts cannot be performed without causing harm to the pet, a Sudzy Pets associate will advise the owner of available options.
        • The de-tangling / de-matting process is uncomfortable and stressful to the pet, so Sudzy Pets strongly recommends limiting this procedure to 30 minutes or less.
        • Shaving out matts may result in nicks and may also result in skin irritation after the process is complete.
        • If Sudzy Pets discovers conditions such as severe skin rashes, bleeding or sores, we will stop and recommend veterinary attention and approval before de-matting may continue.
        • Sudzy Pets will not be held responsible for any injuries to the pet that result from a de-matting process.
    • Many health issues such as but not limited to heart and kidney disease, liver disorders, or seizures can be aggravated or become emergent by the stress of grooming. Sudzy Pets will not be held responsible for any reactions to the grooming process.
    • In the event of a health emergency, Sudzy Pets will seek medical attention for the pet. Sudzy Pets will not be held responsible for any injuries that occur while the pet is under the care of a veterinarian.
    • If a pet is presented for grooming services with fleas, ticks, or other parasites, Sudzy Pets will use a special flea and tick shampoo. The customer will be responsible for any additional charges associated with the flea and tick bath. This service is not a guarantee that a pet will remain free of fleas and ticks, and the bath is not meant to replace active flea and tick management options.
    • If a pet is presented for grooming services with fleas in one of the mobile grooming vans, no groomng services will be performed and the pet will be returned to the owner. Flea shampoos are only available in a Sudzy Pets salon. A $35.00 fee will be charged for each pet that is presented with fleas.
  2. Regulatory Requirements (rabies vaccine)
    • A current, valid rabies vaccination is required for each pet receiving grooming services. All customers are required to provide the rabies vaccine expiration date and veterinarian’s name prior to any grooming services being performed.
  3. Mobile Grooming Restrictions
    • Parking for the Sudzy Pets mobile grooming salon is required for all mobile services. If sufficient parking is not available, the appointment may be canceled, and a cancelation fee may be assessed to the customer.
    • Size restrictions may apply to mobile grooming services depending on a combination of the pet’s breed, weight, and temperament.
    • Because of insurance restrictions, pet owners are not permitted in the mobile grooming salon.
  4. Payments
    • Sudzy Pets accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards. All payments are due at the time of service. Sudzy Pets will assess an additional $35.00 fee for any check returned as not payable for any reason.
  5. Cancelations and Missed Appointments
    • All missed and canceled appointments are subject to a $45.00 cancelation fee. Repeated cancelations or missed appointments may result in Sudzy Pets requiring a non-refundable payment prior to booking future grooming services